Appliqué and Edges

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Continuation of Quilting – Appliqué and Edges  1 session  Nov. 2, 2019  4 hours

Appliqué is the quilter’s term for sewing one fabric on top of another. (This contrasts with piecing, which sews fabrics side by side.) Traditional appliqué uses a turned-under edge. Contemporary quiltmaking often incorporates fusibles or raw-edge appliqué strategies. Add three appliqué techniques to your quiltmaking skills as you create a fabric flower-garden wall hanging.

Finishing the edges of the quilt is often an afterthought, and yet the appearance of the edge makes a major difference in the impact of the quilt. Learn when and how to use applied bindings, flanges, self-bindings, facings, and overstitching to finish both rectangular and uneven edges.   

Some prior experience with hand-sewing, quilting, or both is useful. While most work is by hand, shared sewing machines are available in class for machine techniques.