April 26, 2020
Hello Friends,
I hope this finds you and yours well and safe. The reality of the Covid-19 pandemic has shifted all our lives and perspectives. Practicing creativity will help us to adapt and rebalance as we move ahead to whatever awaits us.

On-Line exhibition announced.
This post announces my new “Laundry to Legacy Project”. Since the early 2000s we at Custom Quilts Studio have created more than 200 T-shirt quilts for clients to celebrate the beloved people and events of their lives. Over the next months I will post images of those quilts and brief stories of their creation. It is exciting to realize that this new idea of an online exhibit springs from having to stay-at-home. Even though gallery exhibits including pieces of my work are in limbo right now due to the necessary closures, everyone can visit here any time. If you have a quilt I made for you or one you made as a result of my classes, please send a picture to me. I’d love to know what has happened to these tangible tributes.

Hollywood Ending – Shirts from the life of a rock star.

In a time of grief.
On a more serious note, many of these repurposed garment projects were made to honor the memory of a loved one who had passed. They served as a vehicle on the way through grief to healing. During this time of loss many are not able to be with loved ones as they pass. Because of this sad reality it is my hope that families will be inspired to create their own tributes to loved ones by transforming their garments into quilts. Please be in touch with me if I can be of service. Relevant on-line classes are in development. We can arrange a Zoom lesson or consultation.


Meanwhile, maskmaker, maskmaker.
Like everyone else in the country with a sewing machine I’m making face masks.
There’s a production line in my studio set up for the creation of face masks for friends/customers as requests come in. They go out as quickly as I can make them as sales, gifts, or donations to causes like Gaithersburg Meals on Wheels drivers. Email me to order yours at Lauren@laurenkingsland.com.


Making facemasks in CQS 4/14/20

Pleated or shaped masks

T-shirt yarn as ties or adjustable ear loops.